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Its always nice to have a clean engine to work on, the fact that this engine is brand new makes it all the more pleasurable.








After opening the box a complete strip of the engine reveals one bug surplus to requirements!






And yes, this is a brand new engine, the 'dirty' area around the piston is the assembly grease Ducati use on their engines!


The heads are stripped and inspected before reassembly with modified cearances.








The crank is also stripped for re-work and new shells measured and fitted with updated bolts.



As normal during assembly the gearbox and selector is checked for shimming. Also with the earlier 1098 engine the main bearings are replaced with the superior 999 mains and crankcase sleeves. The crank is re-shimmed and relieved of some of the excess crank preload and readjusted to our own tried and tested spec.


Here the cylinders are fitted and the piston to head clearances set before final assembly and adjustment of the cam timing.







As the stock engine is supplied with factory set 'emission' cam timing new data supplied by Ducati Corse is used to improve the midrange and top-end performance of the unit. Careful 'dialling' of the cams is undertaken to ensure the best results are achieved.





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