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Well this is it, the start of our 'build a racer' program. This all seemed like a good idea at the time, however with the introduction of Ducati's awsome 1098 this could be a lot of work for club racing! Good job we have every confidence in our rider, Now all we have to do is build a competative machine!

Above is the basic frame, the bottom yoke has been machined to accept Ohlins forks and new head bearings fitted into the adjustable headstock assy.

The next step was the purchase of rearsets which help suspend the project (jokes) and a used seat frame and top yoke sent for coating. The forks were sent to K-TEC for reworking and installed using 'Pro-Bolts' new style stainless fasteners (Ti bolts are currently out of our budget)


We have started our engine build with the preparation of the crankcases, this includes the fitting of new bearings and sleeves. The cases and cranckshaft are measured to establish the correct shimming required and a dry build of the cases allows the shimming tolerances of the gearbox and selector shafts to be obtained.


Pankle 'RS' connecting rods have been used for increased reliability and the crank balanced to suit the rods and the new hi comp 'Pistale' pistons that are being installed.





As part of the build we are using a STM Evoluzione slipper clutch with a 48 tooth basket and vented primery cover. The gearbox is the standard 999S item with light weight 'RS' selector drum and roller pin style selectors.



Final assembly consists of a series of dry-builds to establish the piston to head clearances, compression ratio, setting of cam-timing and valve to piston clearances before everything is bolted together for the final time. As you can imagine this is rather labour intensive but extremely important if you want the very best from your engine!


The finished article!!












With the engine in the chassis, the deep section swing arm fitted, the tyres on the wheels and the tank and seat laid on our racer takes shape! As you can see we are using 05 belt covers to keep the belts cool and protect them from (heavon forbid) any visits to the gravel trap, after all this is club level!!



Here we have the air box and throttle bodies fitted, were using the later multipoint injectors from the 999R for improved throttle response and cleaner carburation. Also the picture shows the 'RS' radiator hanging in place. Currently were plumbing this using a mix of RS and Monster S4 components that will allow maximum efficiency at sensible price.


The cooling circuit is plumbed in without the use of a thermostat, this allows for an unrestricted cooling circuit and the maximum advantage can be obtained from the radiator. The electrics were re-routed to the right hand side of the machine and utilises a small battery for the injection system. A larger battery is temporarily connected to crank this engine over with it's 15:1 'RS' compression ratio.



Dyno work at JT's Performance Centre and fuelling via a Power Commander gave 148 Bhp at the wheel (approx 163 bhp crank) and a flat torque curve of approx 80 ftlb from 7500 to 9500 rpm. (see chart) We have potential for higher rev's and further tuning has yet to be completed to get the maximum from our 999S, but we are more than happy with the results to date!!




Final testing was carried out at Mallory Park with tyre, suspension, set-up etc before finally hitting the track in anger ;)









If you have any queries or questions, require a quote or just need a little advise then please feel free to mail me at service@gtecperformance.com or give me a call on 07841 099 998.


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