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This bike prep - well actually more like engine prep - started with lots of photoes, if nothing else it's not very often you have a bit of history in the workshop! Malc had taken the bodywork to get it painted back to it's original colours so we were left with the chassis / engine.




The ancilleries were stripped of - carbs, wiring, exhaust... I think thaht was about it! (I love working on these older bikes - very simple!)








With the engine removed we could strip it and give it a thorough going over and re-fresh ready for some track action.








With the engine coming apart we found a few items that required our attention, mainly some issues with gaskets and seals from previous rebuilds and also the fact that the 'pick-up' wiring insulation was breaking away due to age. This would have to be replaced as best as possible on the now obsolete Bosch pickup.




During the rebuild new mains are fitted and the case depth measured. The crank width is also measured and shimmed to our own tried and tested pre-load figures.







The gearbox is shimmed  and measured during a 'dry-build' and then final assembly of the bottem end is carried out.









With the assembly of the heads and barrels on to the bottom end we found the 750 cylinders that had been fitted were running with the pistons too close to the cylinderheads, thus the shim stack under the cylinders had to be significantly increased to avoid any catastrophic damage to the engine when run!  The engine had been previously rebuilt but never run - lucky!




Here the engine position is set to allow for accurate timing of the newly wired pickup assembly. Also the eagle eyed amongst you will notice the lack of a generator! This is a racing engine of course!! But - look closer still and you will see that we have installed a starter motor and gears, this is to enable Malc to fire it a little easier if required during his 'demonstration' laps, with only a very small battery we figured he would really only get a couple of stabs at it!




The cams proved interesting as the spec f this old race engine could not be matched with anything we had record of. Originally built and prepped by Sports Motorcycles we were unable to tell what Steve Wynn had fitted. We figured on some sensible lobe centres that worked with both the exhaust and inlet lobes on the fixed cams and dialled them in accordingly.





Once the engine was completed it was instaled back into the chassis and the swingarm re-shimmed. Additional components such as the starter solonoid wre discreatly hidden away and final assembly was undertaken.






Fuelled, wired and ready to go, being aware of what damage can be caused by a 'blow back' through the carb I figured the extinguisher may be handy (huge carbs + race cams = possiblefire!!) What I didnt account for was how LOUD it was!!!



Another satisfied customer.





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