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Through natural progression our borrowed 996 underwent a few changes throughout the 06 season, some for more power. Unfortunately this Ducati did not meet expecttaion as it was apparently built with some key parts from the early GSE camp. This was indeed true but age, component specification and power output was a little optimistic.


Ultimately the bike would be ran through most of the season as early 'SP' spec. A power commander would get the most from this motor before a search for race cams & heads allowed for an upgrade. More dyno work gave us roughly 135 - 138 bhp which would be about right for the spec and well up on the ..... we had when the bike was first received.


Our racing had progressed quite well with Ben keeping up with some faster and more powerful machines with skill and plenty of corner exit speed - which occasionally did lead to the odd heart stopping 'low-side'!

Unfortunately however the old deep sump race cases gave up the ghost and broke at our final crucial meeting so our championship result took a bit of a bashing!

A full rebuild was promised after the season so the bike was stripped and parts sent for painting etc. The engine received new cases and a full overhaul.

Here the frame has been powder coated Ducati red and is awaiting a cleanup of engine mounts, threads etc.


During reassembly the forks are serviced and any worn or damaged components are replaced or refurnished.

It is worth noting that this bike is retred from the track and will be used on the road!!



It was decided to finish the engine cases black to carry the theme of the Ducati with the yokes, fairing frame, seat frame etc. This would give a slightly 'retro' look to contrast and emphasise the more modern fame colour

Pistons in this engine are Hi-comp and run on Arrow Titanium connecting rods.



Silver fasteners replace the original gold cap heads (Normally re-plated new bolts are used on original spec rebuilds) As can be seen above the clutch / primary cover is vented and will receive an original BSB four post slipper clutch. Heads and cams used on this final build are race spec wth 431 & G cams



Here the bike is taking shape and is once again a rolling chassis. The Marvic wheels have been re-coated and fitted with new road tyres and awaits the cooling sytem, electrics etc.



The final fit includes the exhaust system, which on all GTEC rebuilds the stainless pipes get bead blasted and linished to give them a new 'satin' look and does away with the corrosion. Obviously the silencers are 'cleaned' only so as not to damage the carbon or alloy sleeves. New brake lines were sized and manufactured by HEL to suit the new AP calipers. Electrics are installed and tested, throttles are fitted ad a new Samco hose kit used on the final build. With the tank connected via extension hoses the 996 can be ran and throttles set with easy access.


From this point we fitted a set of carbon fairings prier to painting before finally fitting the original fairings and completing the build.







The finished item below, careful study will reveal a very special bike with an engine spec not dissimilar to a full race engine of the mid 90's


This Ducati, complete with it's freshly painted carbon bodywork should be on view at the 2011 Auto Sport show, so if you happen to go along give it a look over, it should be on the BG Developments stand.


If you have any queries or questions, require a quote or just need a little advise then please feel free to mail me at service@gtecperformance.com or give me a call on 01858 535 411 or 0784 1099 998.

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