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G'TEC Gallery These are just a few of the Ducati's that have passed through my workshop, some for regular service, some for something more...



Garry's 996 has recently undergone further work in our workshop, with a new paint scheme completed on this 996 track bike he wantd to bring it back to road spec. Previously we had fitted 'hi-comp' pistons and SPS cams, his Ducati was setup on a dyno and mapped with the use of a powercommander and to be fair.. it flies!!



During its visit he had specified one of our 'Translogic' clock sets to be fitted and a full service and set-up ready for some road miles.







The Bayliss Replica was brought for our attention from Ducati UK as they required a new bike prep at short notice. The performance exhaust was fitted and the managment system set accordingly, also the slipper clutch underwent a few mods to cure the judder and noise. Then it was road tested.. what a chore..!


Jason's 1098 is a total credit to it's owner, although extremely clean he's not afraid to use it, and his race replica graphics set it apart from the crowd. This bike has to be seen to be appreciated!


Neil and Chris are regular visitor's to the unit, Neil's 749R tanked 'S' (above) and his brother's 749 (below) have their scheduled service's, and in between services it's a visit for a chat and a brew.. and there's always time for brew and a good look around two extremly loved 749's!


This 696 'Replica' was in for a service nd set-up, a little different to the standard Ducati and looked awsome, and when you fired it up.. with those exhausts it sounded awsome. Ducati's with Termi's.. It should be the law!


Matt's 748 is one of those bikes that definitely requires a closer inspection, the first thing you notice is the carbon air box.. which is surrounded by carbon panels throughout and some very nice trick bits fitted to compliment the Ducati. Matt's request was for a little more power, so with the careful fitting of an 853 kit, a set of SPS cams and a power commander dialed in on the dyno we had a figure of 113bhp at the rear wheel, a gain of 26bhp. Just to put that into perspective, several standard 996's we have dyno'd average out to 111bhp.. so if you own a 996 and you have just failed to keep up with a yellow 748.....!




This is Andi's Fila rep, he bought it down from Leeds so that it could have new belts fitted and the fueling set-up to iron out a few running glitch's. The colour scheme is Andi's choice and looks excellent, all the strip down / rebuild work being carried out by Andi who obviously spent a lot of time and effort with his Ducati as the detail work is exceptional.

This is Simon’s 02RS in for some pre-race attention! In between rounds it developed a small engine problem that would require a head and cylinder inspection before it could be used in anger again!



Micks 916 - After a problem with low compression, a gearbox fault and poor running the bike was bought to me from Manchester in boxes after an associate of his had stripped it for him!! After a careful rebuild the 955 kit made good compression, the gearbox was restored to its former smooth shifting and correct set up made this Ducati pull very strong! Reports from the first outing indicated a reluctance for the front wheel to stay in touch with the tarmac under acceleration - a happy customer with a big grin!!




Richards Ducati was originally booked in for cam-belts, however as he rolled up the drive his 749S sounded a little under the weather as it had dropped onto one cylinder! Nothing too serious, mainly a lot of water around a plug-cap. A precautionary compression check, a view of any recorded faults the ECU may have picked up, a pair of plugs, the belts fitted and a full set-up and the bike flew! The Ducati 749S with a Ducati Performance silencer, ECU and filter kit must be one of the most rewarding machines to own, a superb balance of power, handling, braking, comfort and of course, character.


This is Tim’s 916SP, Tim has done a few tidy mods to his Ducati, including fitting a large bore exhaust system, he then wanted the cylinder head ports matching the manifolds for a smooth flow. The following work included a full gas flow, the cylinder heads skimming, the crank balancing, the cams ‘dialing’ in and all the tolerances setting to manufacturing spec, a total ‘blue print’. On completion the engine is deceptively smooth. The bike pulls strong and smooth from low revs and at 6000rpm - in Tim’s words - “all hell brakes loose” as the Ducati comes on the cam. You should see a lot more of Tim on track days – well his exhausts anyway!



Another Tim, this time owning an earlier 916 with a later paint scheme. A few subtle carbon bits and a higher screen makes this bike a little different and has a 'double take' characteristic! In for routine maintenance, this is a really nice and tidy bike.



Vic's 750 SS (92 model) turned up for valves and belts as Vic tends to do his own oil changes etc. His 750SS is virtually all original and in pristine condition, it reminded me of when this model was first introduced, I felt over fifteen years younger!! Nice one Vic!



Kevins 750 Paso (B'ham) is in for a gearbox fault to be rectified. The 750Paso marked a time of change with Ducati, due to the takeover by Cagive (the Castiglioni brothers) new models would emerge that would also include the 851, both these machines effectively being the predecessor's of the Ducati ST,Multistrada, Monster and Superbike range. Kevin's Paso still carries all the original bodywork and cycle parts. This Ducati still looks exceptional for a machine representing a model launched over 22 years ago.



Unfortunately I did not take a 'close up' shot of Philip's 996 when he bought it in for it's annual service, and therefore you will be unable to see just how immaculate his Ducati is. Any customer shown the bike was highly impressed with the care and attention that has been lavished on this 996, easily 'as new' if not better! Any extras fitted to this Ducati are genuine Ducati only, a dream to look at and a pleasure to ride, a real head turner as it rumbled through the local town and thundered off up the bypass!




Stuart owns this very clean 750SS IE, however he felt that a little more power would not go amiss from the standard bike, as you can see he already has 'Ducati performance' silencers fitted. As the bike was having a full service it was the ideal time to fit 'hi compression' pistons. This has given the bike a lively feel with increased torque and power. Although yet to be fully ran in, the benefits are already easily felt as the bike pulls strong from low in the rev range, a perfect 'all rounder'



Adrian's Ducati was in for its first service and poor running, this is a 04 749S and they can suffer the odd running glitch, however after a full set up things were very much improved. (If your 04 model 749S is under warranty speak to your dealer about cam timing, if he can't help you, I can!) Adrian was surprised with the performance of the Ducati once he was able to open it up a bit, his next purchase may well be an open exhaust system to add to that 'Ducati character', watch this space! The 749 / 999 'Superbike' model range is very underestimated, it does have to grow on you, but when it clicks with you it opens up a whole new horizon, you will appreciate that it's not a 916 replacement, but a new model, and you'll love it!


Well a month or so after the above picture was taken, Adrian's bike came back and had a little extra work done!





Another race replica to come through the workshop is this mint 'Red-Bull' replica. Owned by Ian, he bought it in for new belts and a tune, the bike had been on loan for display for a period in a shop window in Leicester, however some things are just made to be ridden..


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