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Engine preparation on a Ducati is far more than simply putting the parts together. The care and attention that is put into an engine will be rewarded with reliability and strength. Power can be easily produced with only basic modifications, however this does not necessarily result in an engine that is reliable and therefore careful selection of components should be used that will compliment the type of work your Ducati is going to be asked to do and the budget that is being worked to. It should be considered that a carefully built engine, crank balanced, shimmed correctly, squish set, heads flowed and cams ‘dialled in’ to correct specification will return strong and reliable power and have a reliable and smooth transmission. This process is familiarly labelled as ‘blue printing’.

Engine preparation starts with the complete dismantling of the unit, parts are cleaned and inspected for any sign of undue wear and familiar faults that are apparent and advised on accordingly. With regard to race engines, some components will have reached their service life and automatically require replacing.









At this point additional work can be undertaken such as bead blasting or alternative performance parts can be matched to the engine if required. This may include lightening and balancing the crank or fitting a race crankshaft, race connecting rods, hi-comp pistons or skimmed cylinder heads, gas flowing, race cam-shafts, big valves, big-bore kit, close-ratio gearbox, the list is endless!



Work then follows to carefully reassemble the engine to the closest tolerances so that the optimum performance and reliability can be gained from what was once a mass-produced unit.






A brief example is this production SP crank (lower left) that is matched to its own connecting rods, a massive 200 grams required removing from this crank to obtain the perfect match, this is the difference between a professionally blueprinted engine and a production unit. The result is a smoother engine that will suffer less in the way of fatigue and ultimately component failure. In the same respect modifications also have to be catered for. The 1098 crank (lower right) has been lightened and balanced to compensate for Ti rods and 'Pistal' high compression pistons.

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